GoPro Video Gallery

Seeing is believing, and seeing through the eyes of someone who has been there is even better!

To better help you understand the riding you'd be doing if you join any of our Rides, we've recorded these beautiful videos, taken with GoPro cameras that are mounted on riders helmets and chests.

Skills, Thrills and Gatineau Hills - LOCATION: LaRoccaXC Mountain Bike School, Val-des-Monts, QC.
Nepal Through My Eyes - GoPro edit
Cox Hill/Jumpingpound Ridge
Chile Jungle Ride
On the Cardamom Trail
Alps and Adriatic Ride
Swine Flu Trail, Fernie
Mexico Yoga/MTB Retreat
Land of the Incas
British Columbia
Mountain Biking in Fernie
Beautiful Azores - Oceanside Trail
Lupra Pass epic downhill
Verboten Wald, Fernie, BC
The Heavenly Himalayas