Ride Testimonial Author

"Hi Mike. I just finished the trip of a lifetime with a crack of dawn descent down Porcupine Rim, and a dropoff at Moab airport. Your staff and partners were beyond exemplary - after only 10 days, I consider them and my trip-mates close friends.I'm not a highly emotional guy, but as I watched the van pull away, I genuinely broke into tears. Thanks, and I can't wait for the next one."

Alex Aruajo
Rocky Mountain Rambler

"Corey was a great addition, and Ryan gave excellent instruction while we rode. All the guides were very friendly and accommodating to everyone's needs."

Alison Steer, CAD
Alpen Thrills Enduro

This is a new Ride for us in 2014 - check back in a few months and you'll see some glowing reviews here!

Breathtaking Balkans

"HI Mike - Greetings from the seaside in Istria.  Just letting you know we had a spectacular time and the trip was flawless!  Dixie and Anej and this trip exceeded our expectations and Laura and were perfect roomies. Couldn't ask for anything more.  Talk to you next week!"

Tonya Blackmore
Breathtaking Balkans

"First impressions last. The care, understanding and professionalism you all have, makes you very different, to deal with, from other guide companies."

Doug Greenall
Paradise Island Enduro

"I've biked in many places, listing would be too long and bragging is bad karma, but I just came back from the Azores biking there with Carlos Dos Santos and I can tell you that, there is everything else, and then there are these islands. And they are in a class of their own! Radically and visually mind blowing would an understatement."

Patrice Halley, CAN

As this is a new trip in 2012, we don't have any testimonials yet, but we expect this area to be full of glowing reviews after the 2012 season!

Inca Adventure - Downhill

"The guides are totally amazing!"

Ben Edwards, UK

This is a new camp for us in 2014, so we don't have any testimonials yet, but why not join us this year and be the first to write a glowing review?

This is a new trip for us, so we don't have any testimonials yet. But we're pretty sure this board will be full of lots of great comments soon...!

"The overall experience was AMAZING. I am definitely leaving a better rider."

Misty Mountain Hop

"F@*$%!g awesome!"

Brendan H, Toronto
Inca Trail All-Mountain

"Peru was amazing. Miky is the best guide - have you tasted his cooking? OMG!!!! Easily the best meals of the tour."

Brett J., AUS
Misty Mountain Hop

I had a fantabulous time Down Under; a great team of riders and guides and food,scenery, weather, terrain and Black Mac beer!

Brian S.
The Great Lost Coast Adventure

"I personally had a great time - and loved the riding, and all the surrounding stuff. My God, Paradise Royale, as a total intermediate, was absolutely amazing. Mark was a stud, and helped Kari and I in every conceivable way."

Bruce K.
Alpen Thrills Enduro

This week's been one of the best weeks of our lives. There's been so much fun, so much adventure, so much sightseeing, so much natural beauty... The support from the guides and the whole Sacred Rides crew has been phenomenal. We can't stop smiling, and it's an experience we'll never forget.

Bruce S.

"Over the years, I've done other clinics, put on by Hardwood, Flygurlz, and Trek Women and I've lead group rides for Fly Gurlz....and by far, you have the most experienced instructors, with a great lesson plan!  Mike from Buckwallow is always smiling, the food very nutritious!!  And D-Rock's bike mechanic talk was superior (and I've attended a few in the past) 

So, I had a crash, and although I wish I could say it was over the boulders, doing epic stuff, but no, it was over the practice log (in front of the whole crew), but it was exactly what kept happening to me on my new bike, hence why I signed up.  Your instructors knew exactly what I was doing wrong, and off I went, purple, but much more confident.  I'm not a new rider, but I have a new bike....and I foolishly keep pulling off endo's....

you really are the #1 biking company!  I will sign up for Hardwood next year, and start saving my $$ for your trips!

Pam Paylor, Canada

"Really good stuff!  Happy and energetic instructor team, experienced and knowledgeable - also, humble yet confident.  Great location.

The group was arranged in an intelligent and fun way AND (and this really impressed me) the self assessment of skill level was revisited after the first session of riding.  People re-evaluated their skill level and placed themselves in a different order.  This really helped with the interaction between Instr and participant.

The instructor ratio was great.  It allowed small to medium sized groups.

Each session allowed for flexibility to change at some stage or to repeat skill sets.

I think everyone appreciated the instruction.  I made leaps and bounds and left this camp thinking I can achieve much more even though I really advanced in application of skill and in confidence.  Georgina also reckons it's a great location and a very good camp.  The 1 hr maintenance advice session was appreciated.

All of the instructors were excellent!"

Brendan Dwyer, Canada

"Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that Diana and I had an awesome time!

Your team are top notch, super professional, and made our experience the best time we've had on a bike....EVER!

I was really concerned that my wife and I were not advanced enough for the weekend. However, the Coaches quickly made us feel at home with them. Heather was real helpful today for Diana (who lost a little confidence on some of the more technical stuff on day one). I was real impressed with her patience and encouragement. It really made Diana's day. I also enjoyed riding with Heather today. She took time today to give me some personal challenges. I enjoyed both days; got out of my comfort zone, and your people really boosted my confidence this weekend.

Derrick Hamilton was great Saturday, and helped me get over my confidence issues right out of the gate. That is exactly what I wanted out of the weekend, and the instruction and encouragement from him made the difference for me. Mission Accomplished! Derrick is a real positive, technical and patient guy. I Iook forward to riding with him again, gain some more knowledge, and be a better mountain biker.

That segues into Jason. That dude knows his stuff man!  I'll have to say that at first, the thought of riding with him was a bit intimidating. By the end of today, I regret that I didn't get the chance. I'll be begging Diana to go back in September. I want to learn some of his techniques.

You have a great team Mike. I have always believed that if you want to learn something, you need to find the best teachers. You have them without any doubt. Thanks for a great weekend!"

Rick Hirschegger and Diana Schmidt, Canada

"Your team are top notch, super professional, and made our experience the best time we've had on a bike....EVER!"

Rick Hirschegger + Diana Schmidt, Canada

"I had a fantastic time on the Skills Weekend at Buckwallow. Jason, Heather, Chris, Laura, Derek and Derek did a fantastic job instructing and motivating the crowd. I'm back home and can't say enough good things about the camp and what I got out of it.

I'm ready to sign up for next year's camp and should be bringing some of my riding buddies with me!


Peter Henry, Canada

"Jay and Heather were awesome - this is the second camp I've done with them and I'd sign up again just to ride with them! Buckwallow is a perfect mix of flowy and technical. I've never ridden there before, but will definitely return! Trails were well marked and well-maintained, something for everyone."

Brianne, Canada

"Jason was a super guide. He was patient with the group when they wanted to stop and keep trying new obstacles, even if they weren't sucessful. Very knowledgeable and skilled as a rider and willing to let more experienced riders take their own line over obstacles. I highly recommend Jason as a guide, he was fun to ride with and very entertaining."

Todd Young, Canada

"It was the best experience yet! The 2 instructors I had the previlege of being taught by where Heather and Derek - truly skilled amazingly wonderful people. A totally postive experience I would definitely do again and again & most definintely refer friends too! I haven't stopped talking about how great the whole experience was since I've returned. Thank you and if you can pass my thanks on to Heather and Derek it would be greatly appreciated. Note: I didn't have the ability to be in Jason's group but his personality and friendliness was infectious -- tremendously skilled and wonderful instructors you have! Great Job!!!"

Katia Ellero, Canada
Inca Adventure - Downhill

"Miguel is the best guide I have ever had. I cannot praise him enough!"

Casey Sheriland, Canada