Sacred Rides For Less

We know many of you have been dreaming and drooling about joining us for a Ride in one of our spectacular destinations, but you just don't have the funds to make it happen. We want everyone to experience our incredible trips so we've got a few options for you to join us for your Sacred Ride and save some $!

  1. Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures and ToursReferrals/Groups: After you sign up for one of our Rides, we'll give you a $100 credit towards your trip for every person you convince to join you on the trip. If you refer 4 or more people, we'll give you a group discount of 10% (or you can take 10% off your price for every person that joins you at full price). n.b.: the referral bonus for weekend camps is $40.
  2. Let's Make a Deal: Have something useful to offer? We're totally open to exploring barter options (goods and/or services) to help reduce the cost of your trip. Pitch us at ride (at) with an offer and we promise we'll consider it. We'll discount up to 50% off the cost of your trip if we can make use of what you're offering.
  3. Early-bird/Payment Plan: Book your trip more than a year in advance and we'll give you 5% off the cost. We can also arrange an installment plan to divide up the cost of your trip into manageable chunks (so a $2000 trip can be a $380 CAD deposit and 4 payments of $380, after the 5% discount). To take advantage of this option, enter promotional code earlybird when making your online booking for any Ride a year or more in the future.
  4. Bike Store Postering Program: Help us spread the word about Sacred Rides by putting up posters in bike shops and MTB venues around your town/city and save $ on your Ride - Check out our postering program!
  5. Fundraise for Bikes Without Borders: Bikes Without Borders is our sister nonprofit organization, using bikes and bike ambulances as a tool for development in Malawi, Africa. Sign up to fundraise for BWB and we'll give you $1 off your Ride for every $2 you fundraise for BWB, up to 50% of the cost of your Ride!