Responsible Riding



Our Responsible Riding Mandate is a first in the industry and reflects our belief that mountain biking can make a positive difference in the communities where we ride. Responsible Riding encompasses several key points and specific, measurable targets:


  1. A portion of tour revenues goes to local development and sustainability projects in the communities where we ride. We visit these communities as we ride and see how these projects are making a difference. Note that these donations come directly from your tour costs, not our profits.

  2. All of our staff is local. They come from the communities where we ride and their wages go back into local communities. In British Columbia, all of our guides live full-time in the Fernie area, and their wages go directly back into the community. In Peru and Chile, we are working with local guides who are paid the same wages that our Canadian guides earn. This contrasts sharply with many other companies who pay their guides subsistence wages (for example, most porters on the Inca trail are paid less than $3/day).

  3. We use local suppliers and partners wherever possible. That means never using big box stores, purchasing local food and supplies, working with local sponsors and staying at locally owned campgrounds and hotels. In Peru, we are using local suppliers such as Joselo, who owns and runs a small van transport service. Using local suppliers rather than big box stores keeps dollars in the communities where we ride and helps them stay strong and vibrant.

  4. We contribute funds and time (eg. trail building) to the mountain bike communities in the areas where we ride. Every spring we visit communities such as Fernie, Rossland, Revelstoke, Nelson and Golden and donate our time to local trail maintenance. We also donate money to their local mountain bike clubs.

    Responsible Riding with Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures, the "#1 Mountain Bike Tour Operator on Earth" (National Geographic Adventure)

  5. We have our own non-profit organization, Bikes Without Borders, that uses bicycles as a tool for development in marginalized communities and in developing countries.

  6. We support local cultural projects and events. In Fernie and other BC communities, we help organize local mountain bike events and festivals. In Peru, we visit 4 Inca archaelogical sites, 3 of which are in remote areas that do not receive much tourism. Paying for entrance admissions and guides to these sites ensures their continued protection.

  7. We have a stringent environmental code. We follow strict IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) guidelines for reducing trail impact and these guidelines are passed on to our clients. When camping, we take steps to minimize impact upon the environment, such as proper greywater disposal and packing out all garbage. we use waste-vegetable-oil-powered vans in British Columbia to reduce emissions from the use of our vans, and our overall carbon footprint. And cycling is in itself a strong environmental statement.