Pre-Ride Training Program

Get the most out of your Sacred Ride! Be in your personal best physical shape, and avoid common injuries and over-exertion. You're making a significant investment in your vacation - isn’t it smart to make a small investment in being in the best possible form for your trip?

n.b. this training program takes place via email and phone and can be delivered anywhere in the world. If you are in Southern Ontario you can take it a step further with in-person sessions with your coach.
A Sacred Ride Training Schedule is a step-by-step fitness program that will guide you to being your personal best and ready to enjoy any riding adventure. The optimum program start time is 2-3 months away from your departure/event date, however you can start at any time.
You will receive a customized exercise program made just for you! Ongoing communication with your coach allows for schedule tweaking to fit your needs. Programs are not “one size fits all”. You will complete an initial intake and perform tests (on or off-site) to determine individual training zones so that your program fits your lifestyle and is realistic. Your instructors will work with the equipment and terrain that you have.
Have more energy for long days of exploring and excitement as well as for life in general. Maximize your time on and off the bike. Improve your physique AND your health!


Heather Stanley
Heather has been working as a health-care provider and personal trainer since 1986. She has competed in several disciplines including cross-country mountain biking, trail & road running, duathlons, road triathlons and Xterra events. Her passion is cross-country mountain biking and she has been racing at a senior elite level since 2002. Heather's practical skills & education - a Masters degree in nutrition, NCCP certification, certified yoga teacher - give her clients a comprehensive coaching experience.
Jason Van Meijel
Jason is a multi-talented rider! Riding and racing anything with two wheels since 1994 including cross country, downhill, dirt jumping, road, trials and his true love … single speed. When not riding, his time is spent as a bike mechanic or out in the bush cutting new trail. As an NCCP certified instructor he has the ability to teach any level of rider, from those new to the sport to the elite racer looking for an edge. Jason loves to share his passion for riding and his enthusiasm is infectious and if possible he will have you hopping on your back wheel by the day’s end.
1. Contact or +1-(705) 717-8894
2. You will receive a document called “Descriptive Segment”, please complete all relevant sections and return via email. If you enjoying racing or would like to try any races/events between now and your trip, please include the dates so they can be incorporated into your training plan.
3. Your coach will review the information and use it to customize your training schedule. You can expect an email or phone call at this point to ensure all needed information has been collected.
4. Testing to determine individual heart rate training zones will be arranged on or off-site, depending on your location. (People can come to SugarBush for testing on the Computrainer or can be given instructions for field testing. Testing at an alternate location can be arranged for an additional travel fee.)
5. You will be provided with your calculated individual heart rate zones.
6. You will be provided with weekly training schedules. At the end of each week (or anytime) you can send an email to your coach to ensure that future training schedules are tweaked accordingly. Training schedules include:
a. Reason for the day’s work-out (purpose of the workout)
b. Length of Time of the day’s workout
c. Warm-up instructions
d. Specific daily workout instructions with options when appropriate, training zones,
cadence zones, optimum terrain descriptions, interval set and reps times etc
e. Cool-down instructions
7. During the three-month training schedule, you will also be provided with educational emails regarding nutrition, mental preparation, managing risk and environmental stress
and other coaching tips.
$125 per month
$350 for six months if paid up-front
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