"The yoga has exceed my expectations - it's an amazing complement to a cycling trip and has a way of putting life into perspective" Gloria Sebulsky, Canada

Why do we require an application?

Our application process is in response to two of the most common questions our Riders have prior to booking a trip with us:

1) Am I skilled/fit enough to participate in this Ride?
2) Will the other people on my Ride be skilled/fit enough?

Ensuring that you - and the other Riders on your Ride - are a good fit for the Ride selected is of paramount importance to us. We want to help you pick the Ride that's perfect for you, and ensure that everyone booked on a Ride is on the right Ride for them. That's why we want to know a bit more about you - your mountain biking history, where you ride, how often, etc... - before we take your money.

We review every application and if, based on your responses, we think you're a good fit, we'll approve your application and you'll receive a link to place a deposit. If we think you might not be a good fit (either too skilled or not skilled enough for the Ride you chose), then we'll give you a call to discuss your preferences in greater detail.

Please note: our application process isn't about excluding anyone, or making anyone feel like they're not 'good enough' to participate in one of our Rides. It's about ensuring that you end up on the right Ride for you, with people of similar skill, fitness and riding preferences. In the end this ends up being a much better experience for everyone.

Feeling the winter blahs? We've got just the ticket for a recharge - an adventure for mind, body and soul!

Sacred Rides Mexico yoga/mountain bike retreat featured in Outside magazine

Located on a spectacular private beach on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, this fantastic retreat combines exciting mountain bike riding with invigorating and relaxing yoga.

Imagine watching the sun rise while being lulled by the sounds of crashing waves in the midst of a morning yoga session. Shortly after a delicious breakfast, you're being thrilled by smooth, flowy riding in the beautiful, lush Sierra Madre mountain range. You're immersed in history and culture in the picture-perfect town of Mascota, and you plunge into the emerald blue waters of the Marietas Islands to swim alongside dolphins, sea turtles and manta rays. Adventure, exploration and relaxation - you really can have it all!

Safety in Mexico

Although the drug trade has led to instability and major violence along the U.S./Mexico border, violent or organized crime is not a concern in this part of Mexico. Sayulita and Mascota, where we spend most of the trip, are two of the most peaceful places anywhere in Mexico (or the world, for that matter).


This Ride is for the relatively fit and adventurous beginner to intermediate mountain biker who enjoys riding relatively easy trails and dirt roads to access beautiful places. You love the ocean and beautiful beaches. You either have a regular yoga practice or are willing to give it a try. You love to explore other cultures and try new things, and don't mind getting out of your cultural comfort zone to open up to new experiences.



    Level 3/Strong Beginner

    • You're hooked but still lack the skills to tackle terrain beyond beginner level
    • You know how to use your gears and brakes properly but when the terrain gets technical, you have to get off your bike and walk
    • You can handle singletrack as long as it is smooth and with few rocks or roots.

    Click here for more information on skill and fitness ratings

    Level 3/Strong Beginner

    • You're hooked but still lack the skills to tackle terrain beyond beginner level
    • You know how to use your gears and brakes properly but when the terrain gets technical, you have to get off your bike and walk
    • You can handle singletrack as long as it is smooth and with few rocks or roots.

    Click here for more information on skill and fitness ratings

  • Price

    $2,595 CAD


    Level 4

    • You can ride 2-3 hours at a moderate pace with several short breaks, over a few days.
    • You are capable of climbing up to 200 vertical metres (650 ft.) in a day.
    • You exercise on average 2-3 hours per week (including riding/being active).

    click here for more information on skill and fitness ratings

    Level 4

    • You can ride 2-3 hours at a moderate pace with several short breaks, over a few days.
    • You are capable of climbing up to 200 vertical metres (650 ft.) in a day.
    • You exercise on average 2-3 hours per week (including riding/being active).

    click here for more information on skill and fitness ratings



    Our Lifetime Deposit policy protects you from unexpected events that may cause your trip to be cancelled or delayed.

    If you need to cancel for any reason, your initial deposit is good forever and will remain on file with us until you’re ready to use it. You can even pass it on to a friend.




    • SINGLETRACK:for experienced mountain bikers
    • EXPLORER:for beginner mountain bikers
    • BRING-YOUR-PARTNER:for experienced mountain bikers and their non-MTB-ing partners
    • WOMEN'S:skills camps and Rides for women only

    8 days

    November-AprilSEE ALL DATES


    Level Adventurous

    • On our Adventurous Rides, you'll step out of your comfort zone a little bit, perhaps with foreign languages, semi-remote areas, new cultures and cultural experiences, and/or other experiences that are a little bit unfamiliar to 'Western'-country Riders.
    • If you're looking for something a little more exotic, check out our 'Out There' Rides, or if you prefer the familiar, check out our 'Familiar' Rides.

    Level Adventurous

    • On our Adventurous Rides, you'll step out of your comfort zone a little bit, perhaps with foreign languages, semi-remote areas, new cultures and cultural experiences, and/or other experiences that are a little bit unfamiliar to 'Western'-country Riders.
    • If you're looking for something a little more exotic, check out our 'Out There' Rides, or if you prefer the familiar, check out our 'Familiar' Rides.


  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Guaranteed Departures
  • Lifetime Deposits
  • Risk-Free Booking Window
  • Travel Concierge

Check out our Peace of Mind Policies

please note that weather and other factors may hinder our ability to deliver the itinerary exactly as listed below, but we will make every effort to ensure that the itinerary you experience is the same as this one. Please also note that there is some flexibility and you may choose to opt out of any of the planned activities (except for transportation to the next destination(s).

Day 1. Arrive at Puerto Vallarta, transfer to Playa Escondida.

We'll meet you at Puerto Vallarta airport and transfer you to the beautiful Playa Escondida resort, a secluded and spectacular private beach 40 minutes away from the city. You'll be greeted by our friendly staff before settling into your new accomodations and reassembling your bikes. For Riders requesting bike rentals, your bikes will be delivered tonight tuned up and ready to ride. We'll then feast on our first delicious dinner together, allowing time for everyone to get to know each other and share stories. Our lead guide will then brief you on important logistical details, before we all head to bed dreaming of the fantastic week of yoga and mountain biking that lays ahead.

Day 2. Ride, Surf and Salsa.

We'll start the day with a sunrise yoga session overlooking the Pacific Ocean. After a delicious and nutritious breakfast, we'll have our group pre-trip safety chat. We'll then head out on our first moderate ride, allowing us to get comfortable on our bikes and in tropical weather, which will take us along streams overlooking the ocean and thick jungle. We'll drop into into Sayulita and break for lunch. We'll have the rest of the afternoon to relax at the resort's private beach, or take part in optional surf and/or salsa lessons (not included in price).

Total km of riding: between 12-20km | Elevation gain: 150-300m | Elevation loss: 150-300m

Day 3. Sierra de Vallejo jungle ride

We'll start our day off on the right foot with another sunrise yoga session on the beach while taking in the alluring sounds and sights of the ocean. After a hearty breakfast, we'll pack swimsuits and towels and shuttle 45 minutes north to the stunning Sierra de Vallajo mountain range. We'll explore the Sierra on steep cobblestone climbs and fast fire road descents, gaining confidence on our two-wheeled machines, before enjoying a picnic for lunch. We'll then hike a fairly technical trail to catch a glimpse of ancient petroglyphs and marvel at the scenery. A truly authentic Mexican experience! We'll head back to our resort in the evening.

Total km of riding: between 8-15km | Elevation gain: 200-400m | Elevation loss: 200-400m

Day 4. Marietas Island and San Pancho

Today, we head out after breakfast for a quick drive to Punta de Mita, where panga fishing boats will be waiting to take us on a 3-hour ocean safari to Marietas Islands National Park. We'll have a chance to see Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Manta Rays and Grey Whales. The boat will go around the Islands, showing us the different rock formations and small coves, until coming to a stop on one of its secluded beaches, where we'll be able to swim, walk on the beach, explore caves and relax in the sun. From there, we head over to our Snorkeling adventure. Once we get to the small secluded cove, we'll jump in the water and snorkel around the different areas of this cove. We'll then have lunch in Punta de Mita at a beachfront restaurant. During the afternoon, we'll hop on our bikes and go on a sligtly more challenging loop around San Pancho, and enjoy the sights and culture.

Total km of riding: between 8-20km | Elevation gain: 60-350m | Elevation loss: 60-350m

Day 5. Arrive in Mascota

After a relaxing morning yoga session and a filling breakfast, we'll head out on a 2 hour drive to the mountain town of Mascota. On the way there, we'll stop at a Tequila factory to learn about how Tequila is made. Upon our arrival in Mascota, we'll enjoy a typical mexican lunch and check into our hotel. We'll then go on a warm up ride around the colonial town of Mascota and explore the different dirt roads and singletrack in the surrounding area. After breaking a sweat, we'll reach the Mascota Dam, where we can jump into the water and cool off, before we ride back to town for a delicious Mexican dinner in a local restaurant.

Total km of riding: 12km | Elevation gain: 250m | Elevation loss: 250m

Day 6: Mascota rides and local activities

After breakfast at our hotel, we'll set out for an epic day of riding, exploring the variety of terrain the area has to offer. We'll ride along scenic dirt roads and some easy trails offering great vantage points. We'll break at lunch time for a picnic, before exploring quaint old mining towns connected by dirt roads. We'll shuttle back to Mascota with big grins on our faces, ready for a few drinks and dinner in town.

Total km of riding: 30km | Elevation gain: 500m | Elevation loss: 600m

Day 7. Mascota rides and good-bye dinner 

We'll hop on our bikes again after breakfast for another spectacular ride in the mountains surrounding Mascota. We'll put some of the skills we learned throughout the week in practice on a very fun and challenging 5 km singletrack loop. We'll have lunch and stretch our legs, before burning the rest of our energy on more fast and flowy trails. We'll relax in the evening and stop at the renowned Yerbuena Restaurant for our final good-bye dinner.

Total km of riding: between 15-35km | Elevation gain: 200-400m | Elevation loss: 200-1,200m | Highest Elevation point: 2200m

Day 8. Return Home

After an early breakfast, the van will depart Mascota at 9 am, driving along the beautiful Sierra Madre Mountaina, and arriving at Puerto Vallarta airport at 12 pm (noon).

  • 7 nights accommodation at local resorts and hotels
  • all breakfasts and lunches, plus welcome and goodbye dinners
  • 10 yoga sessions (including yoga mats)
  • all transportation including airport pickup and dropoff
  • 2 amazing, friendly local guides
  • Marietas Islands ocean safari

Arrival and Departure Airport

You should fly into and out of Puerto Vallarta Airport (PVR). Please see the schedule page for the exact pickup and dropoff times for your particular trip. You can, if wanted or necessary, arrive earlier, and we will arrange a pickup for you.

Pickup & Drop-off Information

We offer a free airport pickup service from Puerto Vallarta airport to Playa Escondida (about 45 min), departing at 2pm and again at 5pm on day 1 of the itinerary. A representative will be waiting outside of the arrivals area with a sign in his/her hand to show you to your shuttle (or to the bar/restaurant across the street if you’re early and want a margarita!)

n.b. airport pickup service on day 1 of the trip is included in the trip price. If you are arriving earlier, then the price for the shuttle is $100/shuttle. Please notify our office if you need to book a non-scheduled shuttle.

On day 8 of the trip, we will be arriving at Puerto Vallarta airport at noon.

Extending your trip

Playa Escondida is a beautiful secluded resort/retreat about 45 min north-west of Puerto Vallarta. You can book extra nights there by sending them an email or calling them at 1 888 445-0103.

If you want information on other places to visit and things to see in the Puerto Vallarta area, please visit the Puerto Vallarta Tourism website.


We do not book international flights for our clients. Please contact your local travel agent for information on booking flights for this trip.

Travelling with your bike

Pika Packworks bag

If you've never traveled with your bike, don't worry - it's much easier than you think! If you don't have a case for your bike, then you can pick up a cardboard travel box for your bike at your local store. Some stores will also pack your bike up for you for a fee.

Alternately, if you are planning on traveling with your bike more than just this one time, we sell travel bags for bikes, handmade by Pikapackworks. These travel bags are specially made for bikes and can often go on flights without having to pay the extra charges incurred by cardboard boxes or hard cases. The bags cost $395, including shipping withing North America. Click here for more information on our bags.

Bike Rentals

New 2012 Marin Bobcats (hardtails) are available for rent, and cost $200 for the week (please note that sizes are limited). Full-suspension Transition or Tomac bikes are also available at $350 for the week. These can be added when making your original booking, or if you've already made your booking, email us and we'll add it for you.

What type of bike should you bring?

We recommend you bring a good cross-country bike on this trip, either hardtail (front suspension) or full-suspension, and no heavier than 28 pounds. A bike with at least 2 rings up front is mandatory, as is front suspension.

Tools to bring

  • multitool (preferably with chainbreaker)
  • tire levers
  • small bottle of chain lube
  • tire pump
  • suspension pump

Spare parts for your bike

Although there are some parts available locally, we recommend you bring the following parts with you to Guatemala to avoid problems in case of breakdown or broken parts:

  • rear derailleur hanger (at least 1, preferably 2)
  • front and rear brake pads
  • extra chain if your chain is more than 6 months old
  • 4 tubes
  • 2 extra spokes

N.B. If you are renting a bike, the above is not necessary (with the exception of a few spare tubes).

Weather and Clothing

The weather on the Pacific Coast is quite warm, with highs between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius in the morning (when we'll be doing most of our riding). San Sebastian can get cool at night, so we recommend you bring long pants and a jacket for the evenings.

Although rain is rare in the winter months, it isn't unheard of, so we recommend you bring some sort of rain gear or shell.

Packing List

• comfortable clothes for riding, such as biking jerseys and padded shorts. 2+ sets are ideal, 1 is a must.
• helmet
• bike gloves (2 sets is ideal)
• lightweight, weather-resistant outerwear for riding in inclement weather.
• longsleeve clothing for nighttime.
• swimwear
• sunglasses/eye protection for sunny and/or muddy days.
• hydration system that can carry at least 2 litres (bottles and/or hydration pack)
• toiletries i.e. toothbrush, shampoo, soap
• beach towel
• camera
• sunscreen and insect repellent

n.b. yoga mats will be provided

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance, including emergency evacuation coverage, is compulsory for all our tours. We recommend that you purchase travel insurance that includes cancellation protection so that you will be covered in the event that you are unable to attend our tour (due to injury, illness or other unforeseen circumstances) or in the unlikely event that our tour must be cancelled.

You can purchase discounted comprehensive insurance from our partners at bikeflights.com at our insurance page.

Passports & Visas

All travelers require a valid passport (with a minimum of 6 months validity). Citizens of some countries will require a visa. For more information, please viste the World Travel Guide website.

Emergency Contacts

If you need to contact us in an emergency, you can reach us during office hours at the following numbers:

Dialing within North America: 1 (888) 423-7849
Dialing outside of North America: +1 (647) 999-7955

If you do not receive an immediate answer when calling the above numbers, please leave us a detailed message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We take care to select restaurants that are well-regarded for their cleanliness, in order to avoid food-borne illness. We also supply you with bottled water for drinking for the duration of your trip. However, there is always some risk of contracting a food-borne illness when traveling in a developing country. We recommend you exercise caution when purchasing food, and avoid unwashed fruit and vegetables and improperly cooked meals.

Vaccination Requirements

Vaccinations are not required for the Puerto Vallarta area.

Fitness Requirements

You should have a moderately high level of fitness and be able to bike for up to four hours a day in order to fully enjoy the spectacular scenery and riding on this trip.

We recommend you train in advance of this trip, in order to get the most out of this trip. If you are interested, our coaches Heather and Jason have developped a solid Pre-Ride Training Program to get you at your optimal fitness level. To learn more about this unique training program, click here.

Safety & Security

Mexico is a safe country, however certain precautions should be followed, as with all foreign travel. To maximize your safety during our tours you should exercise common sense and caution at all times. We recommend that you always stick to set travel arrangements, and avoid unknown areas. We also recommend that you wear minimal jewelry and that you keep valuable items safely stored. Always keep a copy of your passport, airline tickets, travelers checks and credit card numbers separate from where you keep the originals.

Other expenses

Other expenses include souvenirs, alcoholic beverages, and optional activities such as massage. The best way to pay for these services is to withdraw money from an ATM in Puerto Vallarta when you arrive, or use your credit card (you can use your card at Monterry Beach and at our hotel in San Sebastian) - you can withdraw local money from ATMs and will usually be charged the best rate by your bank at home. We recommend you bring some US dollars or traveler's cheques with you in case of emergency.

Local Money

The local currency is the Mexican Peso. Check here for current exchange rates.


Gratuities of 5-15% are common in Mexico. We encourage you to tip your guides if you feel you have received excellent service and have had an enjoyable trip. A typical gratuity $20 - $100 per guide.

Our Guarantee

We're so sure you'll have an amazing time on this trip that we're offering a satisfaction guarantee. View more information about our guarantee.

Name Bio My 'Sacred Ride'

Jose Luis Mariscal Cardenas
Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. Cycling all my life. 20 years mountain biking. XC / trail riding for fun and endurance racing. Offroad Training Guide. The Alta Vista Town loop - it's the best!

Javier Chavez
I raced XC for most of my teenage years until I decided to venture into a more relaxed lifestyle of Surfing, Yoga, Hiking and All Mountain Biking. I have travelled half the planet Surfing or Mountain Biking and love to show guests my country.... My Sacred Ride is "La Intrepida" tucked in the Mascota Mountains. This is a predominant downhill ride, extremelly technical, fast and challenging. It is tucked in beautifull...

Below you will find some of the videos for this Ride. Please keep in mind that some of these videos may have been recorded by our guides and the speeds they are riding at aren't necessarily indicative of the speeds you'll be riding at!

Mexico Yoga/MTB Retreat
Ride enhancements (MTB rentals, single rooms, etc...)
Front-Suspension Mountain Bike Rental$300.00 CAD
Merchandise (t-shirts, jerseys, jackets, bike bags, etc...)
Sacred Rides T-shirt (men's)$25.00 CAD
Donation to Bikes Without Borders$20.00 CAD

There are no scheduled departures for this Ride at the moment, however custom group departures are available for groups of 4 or more. If you are interested in a custom departure, contact our office at ride@sacredrides.com or 1-888-423-7849. You can also add this Ride to your Bucket List (click on 'Add to Bucket List' at right) and you'll be notified when scheduled dates are added!


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