Top 15 Adventure Travel Blogs

Top 15 Adventure Blogs
June 2nd, 2015

top 15 adventure travel blogs

At Sacred Rides, we are keen adventurers and travel enthusiasts. We are always searching for the road less traveled, pushing ourselves to find new adventures and of course, packing our mountain bikes along the way. Travelling can be a life changing experience, you meet new people, experience different cultures and gain new perspectives, but before departing on any adventure, it is important to be informed about your destination and be prepared for the trip ahead.


Thankfully, there are lots of great adventure travel blogs out there, that offer advice and travel tips to help you along your way., so we've compiled the Top 15 Adventure Travel Blogs to help make your travel dreams come true!

1. The Expert Vagabond

Created by Mathew Karsten, this highly regarded adventure travel blog features inspirational travel stories, photos and tips highlighting destinations around the world.

2. off the path

Encouraging you to "walk the extra mile," this blog offers great reviews, destination videos and entertaining content to awaken your inner travel bug.

3. Adventurous kate

Look no further solo female travelers! Adventurous Kate offers practical travel advice for ladies who like to travel the world solo. Leave it to Kate to debunk myths and offer tips to create a safe, memorable and adventurous trip.

4. Ordinary traveler

You don't have to be a travel guru to travel the world. This adventure travel blog outlines trip ideas, for ordinary folks, to get the most out of their vacation.

5. g adventures

"The Great Adventure People" seek adventure around every corner. Offering inspirational travel stories and breathtaking photos, this blog dives into everything G Adventure's loves about our planet: food, music, nature, culture and art - ultiamtely, the reasons we seek adventure in the first place!

6. the planet d

Step out of your comfort zone and learn about "Dave and Deb's" most recent adventures. Based on the philosophy that you don't have to be an adrenaline junkie, an uber-athlete or super rich to travel the world, Dave and Deb outline ways to create your own adventure and acheive your travel goals.

7. national geographic

Do I have to say more? Inspiring adventurers since 1888.

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8. lonely planet

From road trips to backpacking trips, Lonely Planet provides tips for all types of travelers to experience new roads, trails, destinations and cuisine.

9. gadling

Written and edited by passionate travelers from around the world, Gadling has proved to be a trusted travel resource for everything from general travel tips to budget travel and adventure travel.

10. shermans travel

Looking for travel deals? Shermans Travel has a team of experts ready to find you the best deals on flights and hotels, so it's easy to make your adventure a reality!

11. adventure journal

Stay up to date with everything adventure by signing up for the Adventure Journal Newsletter. Read gear reviews, watch inspirational adventure videos and discover unique accommodations around the world.

12. a backpacker's tale

Full of travel tips and backpacking advice, Stephen shares various resources to help plan your next adventure.

13. matador network

As the world's largest independent publisher, the Matador Network is a collaboration of writers, editors, photographers and filmmakers passionate about sharing travel stories.

14. everything everywhere

Gary Arndt shares his reviews of destinations on all seven continents, as well as tips on gear, packing and electronics for your next adventure.

15. classe touriste

A freelance travel writer and photographer share their experiences (good and bad!) from around the world.


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