Join our Ambassador Program

are you a past rider eager to share your experience with friends? 

YES? well, become a sacred rides ambassador and...

earn some dough by referring your riding buddies to Sacred Rides. 


it's simple, here's how: 

1. Complete the form below to  join our Ambassador program.


2.  You'll receive a confirmation email  to set-up your Ambassador account and a unique code to share among friends.


3.  When your friends sign up for a Ride, it will get tracked on your Ambassador account.


4. For every friend that signs up for a Sacred Ride, you'll receive $100 in your pocket (payouts are tracked in your dashboard, and are paid via cheque or Paypal quarterly), and your friend will receive $100 off their ride. It's a win-win!


Cheers to that! 


the nitty gritty details: 

  • Ambassador dollars can be applied to trip deposits or balances if desired. 

  • A Rider can be referred one time. Once the Rider is entered into our booking system they can continue to earn money by referring other Riders, by asking for their own unique coupon code to share.

  • Ambassador program cheques are issued quarterly via Paypal or cheque.

  • Cheques are only issued after your referred friend has completed their trip. 

Complete the form below to join Sacred Rides' ambassador program!

start filling your pockets with $100 bills.